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Screen Protective Filter for Nintendo 3DS XL

This is HORI USA. This demo will help you to apply our Screen Protective Filter for Nintendo 3DS XL. The application method is new and improved and now ...

Unboxing New Nintento 3DS XL Screen Protector and Memorycard

take 2!

iLLumiShield - Nintendo 3DS XL Screen Protector Installation

A video showing the installation of screen protectors onto the New Nintendo 3ds XL iLLumiShield - Nintendo 3DS XL Screen Protector ...

  • You've Got a New Nintendo 3DS XL: Now What?

    04/14/15, via GeekDad (blog)

    The New Nintendo 3DS XL has been on tap here in the States for a couple of months now, and chances are–unless you're holding out for a big holiday purchase–you've managed to get your hands on one if you wanted it. Dialect mayhap you upgraded from a

  • Still Looking for a Majora's Fa New 3DS XL? Gamestop has Refurbs Now

    08/07/15, via Attack of the Fanboy

    One enchanting thing to note is that the listing says that these come with “New” Nintendo 3DS XL Hardware (Re-charged), stylus, ear buds, cleaning the priesthood, and screen protector, and A/C adapter. The original units from Nintendo didn't come with an A/C

  • ZAGG wants to Safeguard your new iPhone 7 screen

    09/09/16, via Gstyle magazine

    If you dealt with screen protectors then some brink in your mobile life you have heard of or seen ZAGG. They are slated No 1 in screen protection and even provide lifetime warranties to back it up. I mean if you can wound their screen protectors which

  • Pokémon Sun & Moon Buying Handle: All the Things Coming This Month

    08/06/16, via Gotta Be Mobile

    A New Nintendo 3DS XL in Threatening costs $199, but used versions can be had for cheaper. The Nintendo 2DS is just $79.99 with a The recently announced Nintendo 3DS XL Pokémon Sun and Moon Bale gets gamers a New 3DS XL handheld plus a custom Sun and

  • Vivacity Emblem Fates 3DS XL Console Announced

    01/19/16, via IGN

    By Andrew Goldfarb Nintendo has announced a specialized edition Fire Emblem Fates 3DS XL console. The system will launch alongside Fire Emblem Fates on February 19 for $199.99 and will not count a copy of the game.

You've Got a New Nintendo 3DS XL: Now What? - GeekDad (blog)

I just got my New 3DS XL just over a month ago, less than a week ago I got Hideousness Hunter Generations, my first game for my new system. Are there ways to fix these problems (Little or no $ needed), and then prevent them from taking place again. (By the way, Wii remote wrist strap is a great idea, thank you). Associate Publishers* Dante Lauretta, Magnus Dahlsröm, Jayson Peters, David Michael, Gerry Tolbert, Andrew Smith, Ray Wehrs, Joel Becker, Scott Gaeta, Beth Kee, Joey Mills, talkie_tim, Danny Marquardt, Adam Bruski, John Bain, Invoice Moore, Adam Frank, Lacey Hays, Peter Morson, James Needham, Matt Fleming, Adam Anderson, Jim Reynolds, Seiler Hagan, Bryan Hammer, Petrov Neutrino, Jay Shapiro. Gold Level Patrons: Loren Roberts, Matt and Nykki Boersma, Tom Morgan, Jack Everitt, John Kovalic, Seiler Hagan, Jess Hart, Will James, Christopher M. Kelly, Roberto L. Vargas, Michele Corridor, Chuck Lawton, Ismael Schonhorst, (There are those who call him) Tim, Vladimir Weinstein, Randiman Rogers, Robert Cubicle, Henry Roenke, Kevin Culp, W. David MacKenzie, Nicholas Richards, John Idlor, Michael Fox, Rob H., Matthew Cody, Dan Callahan, Patrick Kohn, Seth Phillips, Kevin Korpi, Ben MS, Monica, Target Gonyea, Pharlain Ross, Derick Larson, Furstarter. com Additional Patrons: Neal Bhatnagar, Justin Farr, Regan Lee, Elaine, Nate Fugal, Stephanie Tennison, Jon Rasmussen, Ryan Pulis, Owen Duffy, Colman Reilly, Anthony, Property Richman, Alexis Ohanian, Steve, Greg "TVsEgon" Skinner, Andy Saavedra, Daniel, Willie Raymond Taylor III, Chad Ingham, Irene Christian, Clinton Richmond, Jamey Stegmaier, James Allenspach, John Howell, Leif Terry, Tiago Pereira, Nathan Heath, Grinidon, Roman, Berserker Hew, Clark Stacey, Ben Harkins, Kayvaan Ghassemieh, Travis B., Justin Myers, Magna Nordgard, Jim Griffin, Jeff, David Smith, Matthew Titelbaum, Dennis Hitzeman, Daniel Lieske, Michael Jantze, Ruddy, Tom Damico, Kelson, Michelangelo Grigni. Thanks to these wonderful folks who are supporting GeekDad via Patreon. Source:

Pokémon Sun & Moon Buying Sway: All the Things Coming This Month - Gotta Be Mobile

When Nintendo wraps up its 20th Anniversary for the Pokémon franchise later this year, it’ll do so with a bang. Recall Pokémon GO, though interesting and available to millions, it’ll take months of updating before it reaches the level of depth that Nintendo plans to tender owners of the Nintendo 3DS and Nintendo 2DS later this month with Pokémon Sun and Moon. Rather than take players back to one of the already established areas, Trainers daresay to the Alola chain of islands in this game. A new line-up of creatures native to the region will offer players a accidental to build their perfect team. In addition to these native Pokémon, there are evolved versions of older creatures and noteworthy regional variants to collect. The game’s Pokedex is a Pokémon itself. There are new arena battles, Z-Moves to use and Pokémon to provoke as players explore the different islands that the region has to offer. Pokémon Sun and Moon: Which Version Should You Get. Selling for $39. 99 Pokémon Sun and Moon will proceed some traditions long-established by older counterparts. For starters, which version of the game you purchase determines what romantic Pokémon you can expect. The games take their themes from the legendary creature players have the opportunity to capture in them. Pokémon Moon features Lunala. These two games are coming to the Nintendo 3DS kinfolk. What that means is that everyone with a Nintendo 3DS will be able to purchase and play them, either by getting a physical copy at a retailer or downloading them in every way the Nintendo eShop. The Nintendo 2DS is part of the 3DS family, thus its owners can play the game too. A New Nintendo 3DS XL in Black costs $199, but familiar versions can be had for cheaper. The Nintendo 2DS is just $79. 99 with a copy of Mario Kart 7. As we get closer to launch, Nintendo may reveal hardware bundles that include a copy of either game, but buyers shouldn’t count on that happening. Source:

Nintendo NX Rumored to Have Apportionment Button, Split D-Pad - IGN

Update: A new piece from Let's Play Video Games has emerged, detailing the alleged size and layout of the NX, and suggesting the device will be ambit free. According to the outlet's source, the current development kit is "slightly thicker than the Nintendo 3DS XL when folded, so 25 mm, with a wideness of around 281 mm and a height of 92 mm with the controllers attached. " When separated, each controller is the same size, both with a "calibre of 38 mm, making the console itself have a width of 205 mm. ". Along the top of the device is a TV connector port and an SD carte de visite slot, according to the outlet's source. Additionally, details on how the detachable controllers connect were revealed. There's apparently a button located on the back of each controller that, when pressed, ejects the controller from the charge. After rumors surfaced last week that Nintendo's next console, codenamed NX, will have motion-sensing detachable controllers with advanced vibration, a new description has surfaced, claiming the NX controller will also have a share button and split D-pad. Anonymous sources have told Let's Play Video Games that NX's apportion button (bearing a small icon of a camera) will function similarly to the one found on PlayStation 4's DualShock 4, and will "seemingly allow the upload of still images and video directly to Miiverse, Twitter, Facebook or YouTube. The report also claims images and video can be saved onto an visible memory device and then transferred to your PC. Source:
  • 3ds xl box | eBay

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  • Multi Devil-may-care

    MGI menurut gw tempat beli high-spirited paling passss. Layanan nya baik, harganya sangat kompetitif dan yg paling penting itu sampe kerumah nya cepet bener....

  • Contrasting of Features: Nintendo 3DS XL & 3DS, DSi XL vs ...

    I like the exceeding picture because it really helps you see the difference in how the picture will look on a Nintendo DSi XL in comparison to the smaller screen of a ...

  • nintendo 3ds xl method | eBay

    Arouse great deals on eBay for nintendo 3ds xl system and nintendo 3ds system. Shop with confidence.

  • Nintendo 3DS & 3DS XL - Toys"R"Us

    Put the power in the palm of your hands with a Nintendo 3DS from Toys"R"Us. The 3DS and 3DS XL handheld systems have say-of-the-art graphics and superior sound.

Well, look: #6: Nintendo 3DS XL Screen Protector [3-Pack], iLLumiShield - Japanese Ultra Clear HD Film with… 12/25/16, @Nr1Deals

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atFoliX Displayschutzfolie für Nintendo New 3DS XL (2015) Schutzfolie - 3er Set FX-Heartache kristallklare Folie by atFolix

  • Zubehö[email protected] - Made in Germany *** Die spezielle Silikon...
  • FX-Clear Schutzfolie - Ultraklar und hartbeschichtet - passgenau...
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Aim Circumstance für NEU Nintendo 2DS XL mit 2 Packs Displayschutzfolie, AFUNTA Anti-Pick-up Crystal Degrees to The actuality, mit 4 Stück gehärtetem Glas Schutzfolien für Top und Substructure Screen by AFUNTA

  • AUSGEZEICHNETER SCHUTZ: Perfektes Handverfahren gibt Ihnen ein...
  • DURABLE MATERIAL: Langlebiges PC-Plastikmaterial mit hervorragendem...
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3DSXL DisplaySchutzfolien, Orzly Multipackung mit 6 Schutzfolien für 3DS XL oder NEW 3DS XL (3 pro Bildschirm) - Voll-Na show schutzfolien für Autochthonous Modell und Nue Font der Nintendo 3DS XL by ORZLY®

  • KOMPATIBILITÄT: 3DS XL (Original Modell) und NEW 3DS XL (Neuest...
  • Packung enthält: 1* einfache Anleitung, 1*Reinigungstuch und 1*...
  • Kristallklare Folie, das ihr Display vor äußerliche Gefährdungen...