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Waterproof Smartphone Cases review : IPX8

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Review on IPX8 Waterproof Pouch Case for iPhone 6 Smartphones - TVC Mall

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Safeways waterproof iPhone 6 Plus smartphone protective case cover review

Get it here... When your SafeWays Beach Bag waterproof phone case arrives, you won't be able to resist testing it. Our customers have ...

  • How to waterproof your Google Pixel smartphone

    10/25/16, via UPDATO (blog)

    The cosmic waterproof smartphone bags are good for keeping your Pixel absolutely dry. They are awesome for those who like living an active life or prevailing on vacation. Waterproof sacks are not a practical solution, so it is likely you won't have to

  • Best clothes water resistant cases for iPhone SE

    10/30/16, via Phone Arena

    It's more like a pouch, but we're including it here because it's waterproof up to 100 feet (30 meters). The Kona Waterproof pouch is compatible with multifarious smartphones - including the iPhone SE, of course - and, thanks to the fact that it's transparent

  • Finery waterproof pouch cases for smartphones

    04/28/16, via Android Authority (blog)

    The A- way to protect your phone from water damage is by taking precautions and keeping the handset safe. So if you must really go for those underwater selfie shoots and popular media pool sessions, your best bet is to pick up a waterproof pouch case.

  • Manoeuvre away monsoon blues for your smartphone with waterproof pouches and damage protection

    07/01/16, via Firstpost

    Your quickest shelter is waterproof pouches and ziplock bags. They are easily available in the market in vivid colours and vibrant designs. You can also seek online for universal waterproof mobile phone pouches or you can go for a touch sensitive

  • The Asus ZenPouch is a waterproof effect bag for almost any smartphone

    06/02/16, via Phone Arena

    As you may be acquainted with, Asus' Zen brand includes not just smartphones (the ZenFone family), but also tablets (ZenPad), smartwatches (ZenWatch), and even carriable battery chargers (ZenPower). This week, Asus announced yet another Zen product: the ZenPouch

How to waterproof your Google Pixel smartphone - UPDATO (blog)

For innumerable of us, the lack of waterproofing or the Google Pixels is not a total dealbreaker. Millions of people around the globe will realize the Pixel or Pixel XL without having a second thought on the waterproofing feature. However, many of us know the perils of accidentally dropping our smartphones in the facilities. Hence waterproofing your smartphone makes a good sense. Here is a roundup of a few tips of waterproofing your Goggle Pixel. Obtaining a waterproof case One of the most logical options of waterproofing your device is through a waterproof case. With such cases, you get to use your Google Pixel without worrying about dropping your smartphone in still water. Here are some of the high-quality cases for your pixel:. LifeProof FRE This waterproof proof case is the solution to protecting your Pixel from the whole shebang. This case is dirt-proof, drop-proof, waterproof, and snow proof, so you will never have to worry about your device. The LifeProof FRE cases have passed the U. S. Military Beau id test for vibrations and drops. This means you would be hand-pressed to crash your Pixel’s cage. Get a waterproof sack The universal waterproof smartphone bags are commodities for keeping your Pixel absolutely dry. Waterproof sacks are not a practical solution, so it is likely you won’t have to use it every day, but for specific times such as when you are hiking or at the seashore. One of the best phone bags for your Pixel device is the JOTO universal dry bag. This bag is rated IPX8 which is good for ingress shield. It means that a device can be submerged in this bag for a good amount of time. The bag has a clear view on the front and back. This means that you can easily use your device and even look like photos with the bag on. Tips to keep your Pixel dry In case you fill spending $90 for a waterproof bag or a LifeProof case does not appeal your lifestyle, these tips will help you keep your device dry. Avoid taking it out in the rain The urge of taking your Pixel on a rainy day as you stroll down the street can at times overcome you. If you are looking to keep your device dry, inside and out, make sure it forestay pocketed in the wet weather. Dry it off as soon as it gets wet If your Google Pixel device gets wet, wipe it. Source:

Overcome water resistant cases for iPhone SE - Phone Arena

With the iPhone 7 and 7 Increased by, Apple finally embraced a feature that various competing smartphones already had for some time: dust and ditch-water resistance. But Apple's other phone introduced this year, the iPhone SE, does not offer any protection against the elements. This means that, if you have an iPhone SE and you wish to make it water resistant, you have to buy a special case for it. Fortunately, there are several water resistant cases that can do a great job protecting your iPhone SE against both pass water, and dust. Before presenting them to you, we must note that, despite the names that their manufacturers may be using, these cases are not literally waterproof, they're just water resistant - up to a non-specific depth and a certain amount of time. All the cases listed below - in alphabetical order - provide access to the television, TouchID, camera, buttons and ports (though the ports are obviously sealed). Gear Beast Case for iPhone SE. This iPhone SE if it should happen from Gear Beast is the cheapest on our list, and, to be fair, its design doesn't scream premium, though it's not terrible, either (for a bedew dilute-resistant case). Being IP68-certified, the case - with your iPhone SE in it - can resist up to 1 hour at 6. 6 feet (2 meters) under be inconsistent. The case has its own screen protector, and, according to Gear Beast, its polycarbonate frame allows it to survive drops from up to 5 feet (1. 5 meters). Ghostek Atomic 3 Series lawsuit for iPhone SE. The Ghostek Atomic 3 Series for iPhone SE looks pretty cool (thanks to an aluminum bent and a transparent rear shell) and comes in six color variants. It includes a scratch-resistant screen benefactress, but it's not as water resistant as the other cases on this list: it will protect your iPhone SE only if you submerge it in up to 3. 2 feet (1 meter) of O for up to 30 minutes. LifeProof Fre case for iPhone SE. The LifeProof Fre is one of the most popular water resistant cases for the iPhone SE and iPhone 5 series. Unfortunately for those on a budget, it's also in the midst the most expensive ones, but that's because it really is a premium case. Made out of a combination of materials (polycarbonate, polypropylene, silicone and mock rubber), the LifeProof Fre case is IP68-certified and can survive up to 1 hour in up to 6. 6 feet (2 meters) of saturate. The case features a very. Source:

Subdue waterproof pouch cases for smartphones - Android Authority (blog)

Charming your phone for a swim. Unless you have something like a Samsung Galaxy S7 (which is waterproof), chances are your swimming laps won’t end in careful news. I am sure most of us have accidentally poured a drink on our phone, or even dropped it in the sink, pool, or the karzy. In my experience, the good ol’ rice trick doesn’t really do much to help, either. This one happens to be our favorite here at Android Arbiter government, and a few of us actually own one (including me). This pouch is IPX8 certified and can be submerged to 100 feet. We like CaliCase pouches because the company seems to have exceptionally put effort into making this otherwise simple product one that is well thought out. While most competitors have a single layer of chintzy plastic protecting your devices, CaliCase uses dual PVC protection, a metal hanger and a high-supremacy lanyard. This product looks and feels resistant from the first time you hold it. And it can fit phones with screens as in a body at 6 inches, so most of you are covered. Oh, and it floats – you don’t have to worry about your phone sinking to the bottom of the ocean. To sweeten the administer even further, the CaliCase pouch is pretty affordable at only $14. 95. [PROMOTED CONTENT]. This one is a little cheaper than CaliCase’s. Though it may not feel as genuine, the company promises the same functionality and they have a similar design language. Also rated IPX8, it can be submerged to 100 feet and does fit phones sized up to 6 inches. A foolish price to pay to keep your phone safe. This one is even cheaper, but if you want something that looks good this may be one of your best bets. The motif is sleek and clean. My only issue is that the company doesn’t quite specify how resistant the pouch is, but they do offer a lifetime guarantee, so that must be worth something. Either way, it looks great and should get the job done. We also aren’t sure how big of a phone it can fit, but the company does claim it can call a Samsung Galaxy Note 4, which is pretty darn big. The 3iArt pouch is really nothing special, but it has a hardly ever something under its… sleeve. First, let’s start by telling you it fits 7-inch phones and is rated IPX8, which means it can go down to 100 feet and outlast. It does also float, but what makes it awesome is that you can listen to your music while rocking this pouch. There’s a 3. 5 mm plug inside,. Source:
  • Vanquish waterproof pouch cases for smartphones

    If you must absolutely go for those underwater selfie shoots and social media pool sessions, your best bet is to pick up a waterproof pouch case. Here are our favorites.

  • YOSH Boundless Waterproof Pouch Bag Case for Cellphone up ...

    Buy YOSH Omnipresent Waterproof Pouch Bag Case for Cellphone up to 6 inches (Black): Waterproof Cases - FREE DELIVERY possible on eligible purchases

  • Witz | Witz Waterproof Cases and Possessive Cases for ...

    Featured Products Witz SmartPhone Pouch II and III. The new Witz SmartPhone Pouch offers waterproof, Dust ammunition, Snow proof and Sand proof protection for your ...

  • Smartphone Cases and Covers | eBay

    Betray from the world's largest selection and best deals for Smartphone Cases and Covers. Shop with confidence on eBay!

  • Men Women Waterproof Gambol Chest Pouch Shoulder Crossbody ...

    Men And Women Enjoyment Shoulder Sling Bag is fashionable and convenient for sport.More shoulder sling bag please click

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PRESKIN - Wasserfeste Taschen bis 4.5'' Zoll Introduction, Wasserdichte Smartphone Schutzhülle (Beachbag4.5''Yellow) / Adroit Hülle mit Touchscreen Funktion wie Schutzfolie / Displayfolie, Waterproof / tap outmoded piquancy water resistant mobile bag / by PRESKIN

  • Dank Touchscreen Folie bleibt das Display in der Hülle voll...
  • Wasserfeste und schwimmfähige Handy Tasche mit Schnellverschlusssystem
  • Schöne verschiedene Farben, Vorder- und Rückseite transparent