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iPhone 7 Rumors: Wireless Charging From 15 Feet Away?!

The iPhone 7 and 7 Plus won't be announced until later this year, but there have been some pretty interesting and crazy rumors and leaks that give us at least ...

Wireless iPhone Charging for $9

Wireless iPhone Charging for $9 / New iPhone 7 Charging Method / Magnetic Charging Cable So the new iPhone 7 Plus is coming out with wireless charging ...

Best / Unbreakable USB to Lightning Connector ! - For iPhone/iPad/iPod

http://www.amazon.co.uk/Bolse%C2%AE-Certified-Jacketed-Tangle-Free-Lightning/dp/B00LRZY74C/ref=sr_1_2?ie=UTF8&qid=1419684700&sr=8- ...

  • Upcoming iPhone 8 could idiosyncrasy wireless charging unlike anything we've seen yet

    11/10/16, via Phone Arena

    The following is supposedly looking to implement some sort of module into the iPhone 8 that will connect to a transmitter that gets plugged into a wall opening. This setup will then allow the iPhone 8 to charge as long as it's within 15-feet of the

  • iPhone 8 Emancipate Date, News & Updates: This Might Be Apple's Most Game-Changing iPhone Yet!

    11/08/16, via Gamenguide

    Apple has reportedly been working with armaments company Energous to develop a charging chip that allows the iPhone 8 to power up remotely from as far as 15 feet away from its base site. That would definitely be an astounding feat, and getting rid of

  • iPhone 8 manumission date rumours UK | iPhone 8 specs: Apple supplier 'already testing iPhone 8 wireless charging modules'

    11/01/16, via Macworld UK

    The iPhone 8 chit-chat mill is heating up. We predict the iPhone 8 release date, UK price, tech specs, new features and more. Latest: Apple supplier Foxconn is already testing wireless charging modules for the iPhone 8; and a write-up by a noted blogger

  • LG V20 Vs. Galaxy S7 Head start Vs. iPhone 7: Which Phone Has The ...

    11/05/16, via International Business Times

    While Apple and Samsung sustain to be the stars of the shows, LG is making headlines with the V20. We've decided to compare LG V20 Vs. Galaxy S7 Edge

  • Inside of the Painstaking Recovery Process of a Medal of Honor ...

    11/11/16, via Vanity Fair

    The doltish steel body of the grenade flexed and swelled before exploding and tearing flesh and bone from Lance Corporal Kyle Carpenter's aspect. The date was

  • 10 Foot Long 8 Pin To USB Data Sync Charger Cable Cord For iPhone 5 5s ...
    10 Foot Long 8 Pin To USB Data Sync Charger Cable Cord For iPhone 5 5s ...
  • Charger-Cable-USB-Sync-Data-For-iPhone-5-5S-5C-iPod-3FT-6FT-10FT ...
    Charger-Cable-USB-Sync-Data-For-iPhone-5-5S-5C-iPod-3FT-6FT-10FT ...

Upcoming iPhone 8 could memorable part wireless charging unlike anything we've seen yet - Phone Arena

Regardless of the iPhone 7 only being on the market for a very short period of time, rumors about the iPhone 8 have already been flowing in at a pretty steady measure. Next year will mark the 10th year anniversary for the iPhone line, and with such a big milestone coming up, we're expecting the new iPhone to bring some of the biggest changes we've seen made to the handset in years. The latest rumor about the iPhone 8 has to do with wireless charging, but it's different from anything we've seen yet. Traditional wireless charging methods require you to place your phone on a wireless charging place, but Apple is apparently looking to make wireless charging truly wireless. The company is supposedly looking to realize some sort of module into the iPhone 8 that will connect to a transmitter that gets plugged into a wall outlet. This setup will then allow the iPhone 8 to obligation as long as it's within 15-feet of the transmitter, and if this turns out to be true, it could easily be the best method of wireless charging that we've seen yet. This rumor suggests that Apple is working with the Pty Energous on this new tech, and with Energous previously saying that they're working with a "tier 1" manufacturer in the smartphone exceptional, this connection seems to be incredibly likely. However, if you look at "tier 1" smartphone manufacturer and aren't lock convinced, think about this. Dialog Semiconductor, a company from which Apple accounts for around 70% of their total sales, recently invested $10 million into Energous. It is advantage noting that nothing about this has been confirmed by anyone involved yet, but we'd be lying if we said we weren't excited to possibly see this in next year's iPhone. Such a vigorous change to the way we think wireless charging should work would be tremendous, and if it can work as well as we're thinking, it could be one of the standout features for the iPhone 8. . FCC has already approved of Energous's technology as "sheltered" and so that is not a issue at all. This technology will be here by the end of 2017 and the first phone to have it as a timed exclusive will be the iPhone 8. The signals emitted from Energous's dynamism tech is barely stronger then Wi-Fi signals/radio signals emitted all over in the air right now. Energous themself said that within this next year, a outstanding player is going to be releasing a smartphone with this technology and it most likely will be the iPhone 8. Source: www.phonearena.com

iPhone 8 Unshackle Date, News & Updates: This Might Be Apple's Most Game-Changing iPhone Yet! - Gamenguide

Advanced speculation about the iPhone 8 lends evidence to the fact that it might be the best innovation from Apple yet. (Photo: iCrackUriDevice/YouTube Screenshot) It's still a while before we even get a poor glimpse of the iPhone 8, considering the world just got the iPhone 7 recently. Everyone is also still getting over the 2016 MacBook Pro and its innovations -- or be thereof -- so it's understandable that there's no new buzz surrounding the next generation of Apple's famous smartphone. BGR has begun its early theory on what the iPhone 8 could possibly bring us. After experiencing the first-ever decline in sales this year after over a decade of good charge, it's definitely the time to introduce some major innovations to the phone. The biggest rumor surrounding the iPhone 8 is its main think up. The new phone could change up its front by switching to a fresh look with metal surrounding the display glass, which Proprietorship Insider supports in its own speculation. Apple has reportedly been working with hardware company Energous to develop a charging chisel that allows the iPhone 8 to power up remotely from as far as 15 feet away from its base station. That would definitely be an astounding feat, and getting rid of the constraint of staying close to a plugged wall charger would be a true game-changer. Source: www.gamenguide.com

LG V20 Vs. Galaxy S7 Pungency Vs. iPhone 7: Which Phone Has The ... - International Business Times

Yes, smartphone users, consideration coverage of the Note 7 recall and the iPhone 7's lack of a headphone jack, there are other smartphones out there. Last month LG released the LG V20, a phone featuring a replaceable battery, embellish audio features and manual camera controls for video. While Apple and Samsung continue to be the stars of the shows, LG is making headlines with the V20. We’ve irrefutable to compare LG V20 Vs. Galaxy S7 Edge Vs. iPhone 7 to see which phone has the best specs, features, etc. LG V20 Features, Specs, Price -. LG V20 Specs: The LG V20 sports a 5. 7-inch array, dual-cameras, an additional always-on display, great battery life and runs Android 7. 0 Nougat. For charging the V20 uses USB-C, featuring a lecturer and a headphone jack on each side of the charging port. On the back of the V20 you’ll see a fingerprint reader that also acts as a power button, and a dual-camera setup. Because the V20 has a bat of an eye display, the V20 is larger than the Galaxy S7 Edge and iPhone 7, measuring at 159. 78. 1 x 78. 1 x 7. 6mm which can be challenging to orate with one hand. Though if you’re already used to using a larger phone, you’ll be comfortable using the LG V20. The V20 ships with a Qualcomm Snapdragon 820 processor, 4GB of recollection, 64GB of storage which expands up to 2TB through microSD and has a 3,200mAh battery. The V20 also offers two camera lenses. One camera lens has an 8-megapixel 135-measure ultra-wide angle lens, while the other camera lens has a 16-megapixel wide-angle shooter. The fa of the V20 has a 120-degree lens wide-angle camera with 5 megapixels. LG V20 Features: Besides being one of the first phones to earmark Android Nougat, the V20 features a 32-bit Quad DC, which is made by ESS Technology. There’s also an HD audio recorded that captures “studio worth audio” from different miss built into the phone. LG claims that the V20 claims a 50 percent reduction of ambient clangour levels. The V20 also brings back the secondary screen, but this time it has more brightness, plus a new “signature feature. ” Like to the Galaxy Note, the V20 screen can show a word or phrase when not in use, and you can create wallpaper theme. It also features a removable battery, as amply as the option to manually control the. Source: www.ibtimes.com
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  • iPhone 8 will chips wireless charging and may cost $1000

    02/14/17, via Network World

    ... has demoed wireless charging tech that can allegation a device from a distance of up to 15 feet. With a completely revamped form factor, enhanced internals and more, it's hardly a surprise that the iPhone 8 will be priced to a certain extent high. To this point ...

  • Apple dream of distance wireless charging on the iPhone 8

    02/13/17, via topcellsmartphone.com

    Any doable deal with Energous, a San Jose company that has created wireless charging technology that works up to a 15-feet latitude, now seems unlikely. Instead, it now seems more likely the iPhone 8’s wireless charging tech will be based off the WPC’s ...


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