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The Best Smartphone Earphones and Audio Listening Experience - combining the Shure Se846 and the Chord Mojo DAC (2016). Join The Squad: ...

My Top 5 Favorite Earbuds

Click here for more Sony Action Cam Videos: You guys have been asking for this one for quite some time now so here it is. A list of my ...

The Best Cheap Earphones for under $20 - Xiaomi Pistons 3 Review

The Best Cheap Earphones for under $20 - Xiaomi Pistons 3 Review Get Xiaomi Pistons 3 from Pandawill: SUBSCRIBE TO THE ...

  • dog newyork wall manhattan smartphone leash redwall dachsund streetsofnewyork everyblock

    New Yorkers like their cameras, but they *love* their dogs

    This photo was taken on 9th Ave and 22nd Street. Note: I chose this as my "photo of the day" for June 29, 2014. What can I say ... I like red. *************** This set of photos is based on a very simple...

    Photo by Ed Yourdon on Flickr

  • newyork manhattan cellphone smartphone streetsofnewyork

    Everyone has a smartphone these days -- in New York, and everywhere else

    This was taken Houston Street, between Varick and 6th Avenue. Note: I chose this as my "photo of the day" for May 5, 2015. *************** This set of photos is based on a very simple concept: walk every...

    Photo by Ed Yourdon on Flickr

  • friends newyork sunglasses bench subway purse upperwestside shorts earphones iphone

    Sharing music, New York style

    I took this shot at the 72nd Street IRT station, while waiting for an uptown train to take me back up to 96th Street. For some reason, it got lost in my photo archives for a couple months, so I'm only now getting...

    Photo by Ed Yourdon on Flickr

  • newyork manhattan cellphone sneakers smartphone cap railing streetsofnewyork everyblock

    New Yorkers have too much energy to just stand calmly when they call someone on their cellphone

    This photo was taken on 18th Street, between 9th and 10th Avenue. If I remember correctly, the doorway is the entrance to a local Post Office in the neighborhood ... *************** This set of photos is based on a...

    Photo by Ed Yourdon on Flickr

  • newyork manhattan cellphone smartphone streetsofnewyork

    People with smartphones ignore fool's gold and the Gatsby Hotel

    This was taken Houston Street, between Eldridge and Allen Streets. *************** This set of photos is based on a very simple concept: walk every block of Manhattan with a camera, and see what happens. To avoid...

    Photo by Ed Yourdon on Flickr

  • New HTC Break away all-metal smartphone eliminates headphone jack

    11/11/16, via TechRepublic

    . The newest Android phone from HTC debuted today as chiefly of a Sprint exclusive. It features new earphones, and, surprisingly, last year's processor. By Teena Maddox | November 11, 2016,

  • The HTC Burn out and its USB-C earphones adapt to your ears to sound their best; here's how the magic happens

    11/14/16, via Phone Arena

    Closing week, we added another handset to the list of modern smartphones without a headphone jack. The phone in question is the HTC Rush off, and in its box, you'll find a pair of earphones that plug into its USB Type-C port. "That's ridiculous" you might be

  • Apple Lands New Licence For a Glasses-Like VR Headset | Digital ...

    11/02/16, via Digital Trends

    Apple landed a new flagrant on Tuesday describing a VR headset that looks like a heavy set of glasses. It will support a remote control and outer devices.

  • LG V20 Broadside: How To Get Free Earphones Worth $149 And Up To $300 Credit

    11/02/16, via The Inquisitr

    An LG V20 cultivation is currently ongoing wherein a free pair of earphones worth $149 will be yours if you've bought or if you will get LG's latest smartphone gift. The deal is open for unlocked and branded LG V20s, but those taking it from select

  • iPhone 7 UK set free date, specs and price: Apple could add Jet White to its iPhone 7 colourings

    11/09/16, via IT PRO

    Apple's new flagship smartphone was launched on 16 September and comes with new features such as dual camera and wireless headphones connected to the phone washing one's hands of a new system called lightening. Other colours for the iPhone 7 include silver,

  • ... Stereo Earbud Earphones Headphone For MP3/4 Smartphone 3.5mm OE | eBay
    ... Stereo Earbud Earphones Headphone For MP3/4 Smartphone 3.5mm OE | eBay
  • Sony Smartphone Compatible Headphones MDRXB50AP | eBay
    Sony Smartphone Compatible Headphones MDRXB50AP | eBay
  • ... Stereo Earbud Earphones Headphone For MP3/4 Smartphone 3.5mm QT | eBay
    ... Stereo Earbud Earphones Headphone For MP3/4 Smartphone 3.5mm QT | eBay

New HTC Run away all-metal smartphone eliminates headphone jack - TechRepublic

The newest HTC smartphone, the Dart, debuted today as part of an exclusive with Sprint. The advertisements focus on the phone's download speeds, accordingly the Bolt name, and tie-in with Olympic athlete Usain Bolt, aka the world's fastest man. The phone looks textile, with a 5. 5" display of Corning Gorilla Glass 5 and a solid metal body. When my 15-year-old stepson spotted the phone on my desk, he commented that he liked the look. The Android phone looks correspond to to the HTC 10 that came out earlier this year. But the Bolt's launch price is $600, compared to $699 for the HTC 10. But is the functionality any profitable. First, know that the phone is exclusive to the Sprint LTE Plus network. Sprint is the nation's fourth-put one's finger on wireless carrier, and it had HTC make the phone specifically for its network. As a result, it has cellular speeds of 250 mbps, which is five to 10 times faster than a uninterrupted LTE connection. If you live in the right area that supports superfast speeds, you're set with this phone. There are several curved edges on the phone, so a for fear that b if would be ideal, since otherwise it feels a bit awkward to hold due to all the edges. The 16MP rear camera has optical image stabilization, and 4K video capabilities. For selfie takers, the face-facing 8MP camera has a super-wide panorama mode. You can take photos in regular or professional course. SEE: Is the HTC Bolt a Sprint exclusive you actually care about. With last year's Qualcomm Snapdragon 810 processor from 2015, the Arrow is not considered a replacement for the HTC 10, which uses the newer Snapdragon 820. But it's not all about the processor. The Snapdragon 810 is a known quantity, and since the Bolt was designed for Sprint with a short turnaround time, having solid performance capability in the bag is necessary. It runs Android 7. 0 Nougat and includes split-screen view for faster multi-tasking, endless photo storage with Google Photos, and Google Duo video calling preloaded. It's important to note that the phone has no 3. 5mm headphone jack, delightful a page from Apple's book with the new iPhone 7 and 7 Plus. The HTC BoomSound Adaptive Audio earphones plug into the phone with a USB-C connector, the same as the charging wire. And as for that long name—BoomSound Adaptive Audio—it means that the earphones scan. Source:

The HTC Skedaddle and its USB-C earphones adapt to your ears to sound their best; here's how the magic happens - Phone Arena

You see, HTC didn't drop-off the analog standard in favor of a digital solution only because the cool kids are doing it. It is aiming to deliver a superior listening sense, and frankly, its approach sounds pretty clever. It all starts with the premise that the way the user's ear is structured can have an effect on common-sense fidelity – kind of like how your voice sounds all weird and funny if you speak through a hollow pipe, but on a much smaller adjust. Yet everyone's ears are slightly different – both on the outside and on the inside. This is where HTC's BoomSound Adaptive Audio technology comes into act a stress. The USB Type-C earphones bundled with the HTC Bolt can analyze the user's ear specifics using what HTC describes as "sonar-like" technology. The earphones read a person's ear structure by sending sound waves to the ear canal and collecting how the sound waves reflect in the ear back to a mic built into the earphone. The revert signals are sent to the phone where they are analyzed, and a personalized sound profile is created. When setting up the profile, the phone also checks for ambient caterwauling and uses that check to further personalize the audio output. – Jeff Gordon, HTC On a related note, the HTC Fly is not the first phone that has the option to fine-tune its audio output to better suit the user's hearing. The HTC 10, for in the event, also lets the user create a personal sound profile, but through a different calibration process. In a nutshell, it plays a series of weird frequencies, and the user adjusts the volume for each tone. Based on the user's feedback, a personalized equalizer preset is created and applied. Also, an indistinguishable sound personalization option is present on higher-end Samsung phones ( Galaxy S4 and newer) under the name Habituate Sound. Going back to the HTC Bolt, we must stress on one thing – it is in no way guaranteed to be the best-sounding smartphone you've ever heard. While the BoomSound Adaptive Audio technology might have possibility, it will be of little use to an audio enthusiast who doesn't find the bundled earphones good enough. They'll also be disappointed by the fact that Type-C to 3. 5mm audio adapters are coming no earlier than December. Yet we'll residue optimistic for the time being, hoping that the Bolt delivers the "unique audio adventure" that it promises. Source:

Apple Lands New Copyright For a Glasses-Like VR Headset | Digital ... - Digital Trends

The Unified States Patent and Trademark Office granted Apple a new patent ( PDF ) on Tuesday that describes a VR headset for a smartphone. Called “Prime minister-Mounted Display Apparatus For Retaining A Portable Electronic Device With Display,” the patent details a insigne similar to Samsung’s Gear VR headset, although this design appears to favor smaller phones and customers who in glasses. If you’re not familiar with how the Gear VR headset works, it depends on a smartphone to provide a huge portion of the hardware to produce a virtual experience. The headset itself provides the lenses, a proximity sensor, a touchpad, a Home button, a Back button, and a spin to sharpen the focus for each user. The phone itself plugs into a built-in jack and snaps in front of the lenses, controlling the touchpad and buttons. What’s adept about Gear VR is that it supports Samsung’s larger phones, like the Galaxy S6 Edge Plus, which has a 5. 7-inch riddle. Based on the patent, if customers insert a “Plus” size iPhone, the system will display the content smaller than the realized screen, and possibly in a lower resolution, depending on the proximity of the user’s eyes. “The system is not limited to displaying one portrait frame,” the patent states. “In some cases, it may be beneficial to provide multiple redundant image frames (dual duplicate frames) in order to implement stereo-like viewing. In cases such as these, the image frames may be displayed at two locations within the exposition screen. The timing or image characteristics of the dual image frames relative to one another may be varied to provide an enhanced viewing secure. As seen in the diagram above, the company illustrates what appears to be a heavy set of glasses rather than an engulfing headset. The arms (312) take the role host to built-in, dangling earphones (316) resembling the pair that comes with the company’s iPhone. There’s also a head strap (310) connected to the arms to safeguard the glasses secure against the wearer’s head, and to possibly hold on to the specs when they’re slipped off for a moment. Other ingredients shown in the picture detail the camera region on the front (306), a speaker mounted on the temple (308), and an area for ports to rivet external devices (314). Additional connectors or jacks are mounted on the side (320) just below a. Source:
  • RYOBI Phone Works

    RYOBI ™ Phone Works ™ Smartphone App RYOBI Phone Works Facile App provides instant access to all of your Phone Works devices and functions from ...

  • Etymotic Study | Headset & Earphones

    Etymotic makes the exceptional's most accurate noise-isolating earphones + headset. The hf3, mc3, HD3 and ETY•Kids3 safe-listening earphones + headset work with Apple ...

  • Toko Smartphone Online dan Aksesoris ... - Wellcomm Boutique

    Wellcomm Betray adalah toko smartphone online serta aksesoris handphone dan smartphone dengan pilihan barang yang lengkap, berkualitas dengan layanan terbaik

  • Earphones - Sennheiser

    Earphones In Ear Headphones - Sennheiser Ascertain True Sound - Top-quality products and tailor made solutions -

  • Best Wireless Earbuds | Bluetooth Earphones | Sony US

    Sony wireless and Bluetooth earbuds are the most beneficent for running, sports & other activities. Find Sony in-ear earphones & enjoy superb sound on your next run.

Coolpad Launches Cool S1 Smartphone with Exclusive Harman AKG N18 Earphones Read More: 12/15/16, @phoneradarblog
3G Unlocked Smartphone, Excellent after #service warranty, Cellular Phone E550W Earphones Battery cover…… 12/23/16, @manythingsproj1
#AppTrainOfCards #APPWEEK spotted Jack of Spade card for product Lenovo Phab 2 Plus Smartphone (Grey, JBL earphones) 12/23/16, @Chetana_iv
#apptrainofcards #appweek Lenovo Phab 2 Plus Smartphone (Grey, JBL earphones) 12/23/16, @sachi_hvr
  • Top 10 Win out over Bluetooth Headphones for Android – December 2016

    12/23/16, via Android Headlines

    in the main thanks to manufacturers deciding to take out 3.5mm headphone jacks on their smartphones. There are plenty of advantages to Bluetooth headphones, numbers one, there’s no cord. So you are free to move around as you wish. However they can also be a ...

  • Wired Earphones Mini Vest-pocket Earphones Stereo Music Headphones Headset Without MIC No Bluetooth Universal Headset For Phones PC

    12/23/16, via

    A tutto il compratore amici: 1. Si prega di controllare il senso di trasporto che si sceglie. Se il vostro ordine pi di $8, spediremo il vostro pacchetto con il numero di inseguimento automaticamente. 2. Controlleremo tutti i prodotti prima del ...

  • Headphone Adjunct for Smartphones Invented by InventHelp Client (NJD-1328)

    12/22/16, via StreetInsider

    Gossip and research before you hear about it on CNBC and others. Claim your 2-week free trial to StreetInsider Premium here. PITTSBURGH, PA (PRWEB) December 22, 2016 "I had problems with losing my earbuds and the cords stylish tangled and damaged," said the ...


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A purple and green cartoon dragon wears headphones and listens to music on his smartphone. Dragon is a bright purple with light purple wings and a blue-green belly.

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Great silhouette of wild flowers cover this pink and silver headphones with butterflies flitting about . A man and woman dance

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