Buy Waterproof USB Charger Socket 12 Volt Outlet Power Spur Motorcycles for iPhone 2018

Waterproof USB Charger Socket 12 Volt Outlet Power Spur Motorcycles for iPhone

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Waterproof quality USB dual accessory charger socket, sealing cap and terminal boot.

Ships from the USA.

This listing is for one USB dual charger socket with weatherproof cap and terminal boot. Attaches to your 12 volt source and allows you to charge USB accessories. No LED to draw down your battery.           #UKD+

The socket body is a heavy nylon with all nickel plated parts. The weatherproof cap snaps over the front of the charger to keep moisture out when not in use. The terminal boot slips over the socket body to keep the wire terminals protected. The socket has 0.250 male spade type terminals for easy wire connections and comes with two female connectors.

This assembly has a replicable USB charger core, No LED and a tight fitting sealing cap. The advantage of a replaceable socket core is that it is repairable and can be easily replaced from the front. One piece socket charger have to be completely replaced and rewired. The dirty little secret about USB chargers, when used outside, is that they are prone to damage from moisture intrusion because the actual USB connections are very delicate and closely spaced to one another. So a tight fitting cap and a replicable charger core can come in handy.

Another advantage of this charger socket assembly is that it has no LED indicator light, like other chargers. An LED draws between 5- 10 ma and when you wire the charge directly to your battery, the LED will slowly draw down your battery.

This charger is rated for 2 amps at 5 Volts and can accept two USB devices. Unlike less expensive look- a- like charger / adapters, this  charger use built in  integrated semiconductor technology to produce a constant 5 Volts DC  This constant voltage source is important for operating and charging the batteries of your accessories, from a 12 volt source.

The socket fits in a 1-1/8” hole in panels up to 1-1/2 inch thick with just the backing nut and in panels of unlimited thickness by placing the rectangular compression plate over the front of the socket and securing it with two screws.

Higher volume discounts available for 10 or more contact us.


-Add a USB plug connector boot. This is a vinyl boot that slips over your USB cable connector such that when the connector is inserted into the socket the boot covers the connection from weather. See item 110966193186

-Add a socket boot to increase the weather resistance of the socket. The boot covers the the wire contacts and has an exit for the wires. The socket boot may be purchase one per assembly when you buy this item. For a straight boot (shown above but not included in this listing) see this listing 120941435675. For a right angle boot for tight installations see this listing 110791911918 .

-Add a fuse holder to your socket installation. Always connect the socket to your battery with a fuse in between. This listing is for an inline waterproof fuse holder and a 15 amp ATO fuse. See listing 110968445581

-Add a rubber occlusive sealing socket washer. Makes an extra waterproof seal when mounting the socket against a panel. The washer goes between the socket flange or nut, and the panel to seal the assembly. See listing 301066433426

-Add wires with a fused 60 inch (5ft) wire harness to your socket assembly.  The harness comes with of a fuse holder and fuse, and red and black wire connectors to attach to your socket and battery.  See 121264213736

-Add a double mounting plate. Allows you to mount two socket products side by side for a professional installation. See listing 121267652997

-Extended warranty. This product comes with a one year warranty for damage during normal use. Just return it for repair or replace. If you want to extend the basic warranty period to three years, buy this option 301125941663

-Add a socket switch waterproof-Single pole single throw (SPST). Rubber switch cover and sealed back fits in a socket hole. Wire crimp connections. See 121422944323.

-Add a mounting hole bore. Allows you to drill or enlarge a hole in your panel or dash to mount this product. See 121486220109.

-FREE FREE FREE domestic shipping on these options when you buy the item in this product listing. Just buy this listing and the options you need at the same time. Then send us a message after, to combine shipping and we will refund your shipping for the options. Applies to one of each select option only when purchased together.

-People have asked us why this charger is better than others being sold: The seal over the front opening of the USB charger is the most critical part of making a USB charger weather proof. The seal around the outside of the charger insert is not critical since it is low voltage 12 volts. That is why accessory and cigarette lighter sockets do not have problems when used outside. The cap we use is different than others since it seal the whole opening and snaps over the front of the insert. Other charger caps just plug the opening. In fact, we sell this cap to other chargers as an upgrade.  Plus this charger, unlike others, has a replaceable insert which is made especially for us. Since if moisture gets to the delicate USB connector contacts the charger will be ruined and have to be replaced. If that should happen with ours you just replace the insert and not have to rewire in a new charger. The insert and the socket charger body have corrosion resistive materials so they will remain working outdoors. Also this charger does not have an LED, unlike others so it will not drain your battery when not in use.

-Add a custom label or marker. A label frame fits around the front flange face and allows you insert a labeled tag. See # 121742656759

-External surface mount. Allows for mounting this product either under or over a surface or dashboard. #301807948007

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